In recent years, the outsourcing of services has grown considerably and has changed the way companies operate. High costs and high quality standards were the main factors that led to the development of this concept. Taking into account these existing requirements in the market, Halley KM launches the IT outsourcing project.

From technical maintenance of computers, troubleshooting software, servicing and managing servers, monitoring equipment and network and backup services, to maintenance of printers and faxes, IP telephony, video security and consulting in purchasing the necessary equipment, Halley KM is the optimal solution for long term.

Advantages of the IT Outsourcing service:

  • Reduces and controls operating costs;
  • Improves the company's productivity;
  • Provides qualified specialists without the need for employment and prior training;
  • Transfer some of the risks to the contracting company.

The IT Outsourcing service provided by Halley KM offers the most advantageous and complete IT service packages and the possibility to provide unique services upon request. We offer such a wide range of services that our customers no longer need to look elsewhere.

The company has the most modern techniques and technologies, and our operators are certified and prepared for the most complex projects.

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